GTI Expo - Welcome

Welcome to the 2020 GTI / GDOT Expo!

The Research Expo presents an opportunity for the wider GDOT audience to learn about GTI consortium member active and recently-completed GDOT research projects. While we will not all met in person this year we are excited for the opportunity to present the Research Expo online!

We encourage you to browse the different posters. We also encourage you to comment or ask questions of the researchers about their posters. Comments, questions, and responses are displayed under the posters. If you find a poster(s) of particular interest let us know and we can set up a future webinar on the topic!

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Please sign in if you have not already done so as part of the 2020 Research Expo.


Kick-off Panel

The Kick-off Panel started the week. It is available on YouTube using the link below if you missed it or want to watch it again.

           Kick-off Panel: The Impact of COVID on the Future of Transportation

                Meg Pirkle, Chief Engineer, GDOT
                Hiral Patel, Director of Engineering, GDOT
                Matt Markham, Deputy Director of Planning, GDOT
                Catherine Ross, Regents Professor, CQGRD, Georgia Tech

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