Requests for Needs Statements

Welcome to the RTAG RNS portal.

There are currently no open RTAG RNS calls. All projects from the Fall 2018 RTAG submissions are released.

The opening of the Fall 2019 RTAG RNS call will be announced later this year.  Announcements will be distributed through the GTI mailing list and GTI website.

Researchers will be able to use this portal for information and to submit potential research ideas to GDOT for consideration through the RTAG process.

Read through the call request, research needs statement guidelines, and review the webinar. Once prepared, upload the completed RNS using the form below.

  • RTAG RNS Call (No Current Open Calls)

  • RNS Guidelines
  • RNS Webinar

  • RNS Submission Form (No Current Open Calls)

  • RNS Submission Form Information (No Current Open Calls)

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