Working with GDOT - The BOA

At Georgia Tech, research studies are performed under Task Orders in accordance with a Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) between the Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC) and GDOT. Click here to access the BOA. Please note that this document pertains only to sponsored research at Georgia Tech. If you are with a different university, please contact GDOT.

Below are excerpts from the BOA, containing information essential to good project management. 

Changes in Project Scope
If, prior to the satisfactory completion of the services of a project authorized under this BOA, the DEPARTMENT and GTRC agree to major change(s) due to material changes in the scope, character, complexity or total cost of the services from those required under the Task Order, a supplemental agreement via a modification Task Order will be executed between the parties. Administrative or minor changes in the Task Order which do not involve increased or decreased compensation, or material changes in the goals and objectives of the project may be made by written notification of such change by either party with written approval by the other party.
It is further understood by the parties to this contract that any no-cost (meaning no change in the total project cost) time extension for any Task Order or this BOA is an administrative or minor change that may be made upon written request with justification by GTRC and written prior approval by GDOT.

Budget Modifications
Nothing within the foregoing shall prevent the GTRC from transferring up to twenty (20) percentage of the line item(s) cost(s) of a Task Order.  GTRC shall notify GDOT of any and all line item transfers. Any transfer exceeding twenty (20) percentage of a given line item amount shall require prior approval by the GDOT.

Travel Costs
No expenses for travel outside the State of Georgia shall be an allowable direct cost under a project unless such travel is listed by purpose in Attachment 1 Statement of Work and is included in the cost estimate of the project Task Order or approved in advance by the DEPARTMENT. In addition, direct allowable costs for travel within the State of Georgia shall be limited to the amount included in the cost estimate of the project Task Order, or prior DEPARTMENT approval must be attained for increasing such amount.  All travel either within or outside the State of Georgia shall be limited to normal travel rates usually allowed by the GTRC and shall be supported by records of actual expenses incurred.

Progress Reports
Quarterly Progress Reports shall be submitted to the DEPARTMENT within two (2) weeks after the end of each reporting period. The reporting periods each Calendar Year are as follows: January 1 - March 30; April 1 - June 30; July 1 - September 30; and October 1 - December 31. Should the Project begin within one of these reporting periods, the first report shall cover the partial period from the beginning of the project through the last date of the reporting period in which it began. The reports shall be numbered  and be prepared in accordance with the procedures and format specified by the DEPARTMENT.

Final Reports
A Final Project Report documenting all project activities shall be submitted to the DEPARTMENT for review in draft form (ten [10] copies) on or before the date specified in the Task Order. This report will explain the purpose, scope, experimental procedures, observations, conclusions, and recommendations in sufficient detail to permit other personnel to understand, evaluate, or duplicate the Project. In addition, the derivations of mathematical formula, tabulations of lengthy data, computer outputs, and such similar items as the DEPARTMENT considers necessary shall be included as appendixes where so indicated by the nature of the project. Upon receipt of approval and acceptance by the DEPARTMENT, the GTRC shall make any necessary corrections and revisions and submit a camera ready original of the final report to the DEPARTMENT on or before the date specified in the Task Order.

Publications and Publicity
"All publicity matters relative to Task Orders, shall have the approval of the DEPARTMENT. Publications and reports describing the results of any investigations hereunder shall be given recognition in the text and title page to the nature of its cooperative character and shall include on the cover the following statement:

Contract with
In Cooperation with

The following disclaimer statement shall appear on the cover or title page of all reports published:

"The contents of this report reflect the view of the author(s) who is (are) responsible for the facts and accuracy of the data presented herein. The contents do not necessarily reflect the official view or policies of the Department of Transportation, State of Georgia, or the Federal Highway Administration. This report does not constitute a standard, specification, or regulation."

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