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Carrie Sauer - "Safe Mobility: Studying Visual Experience to Inform Infrastructure Design"

Georgia Transportation Institute welcomed the Director of University of Pennsylvania School of Design’s Center for Safe Mobility Carrie Sauer to speak as part of the Transportation Speaker Series. Streets are designed for vehicle efficiency. Engineers reference vehicle-based codes, use detailed models to optimize traffic flow, and conduct simulations before implementing design. A constraint, rather than a design variable, is pedestrian and cyclist safety, as designers currently lack the ability to quantify and test safety prior to construction.

Dr. Srinivas Peeta - "Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control for Connected Autonomous Vehicles by Factoring Communication-Related Constraints"

Georgia Transportation Institute welcomed Frederick R. Dickerson Chair and Professor Dr. Srinivas Peeta to speak as part of the Transportation Speaker Series. Cooperative adaptive cruise control (CACC) strategies being proposed for platoon formation in the connected autonomous vehicle context assume idealized fixed information flow topologies (IFTs) for the platoon, implying guaranteed vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications. In reality, V2V communications are unreliable because of communication-related constraints such as interference and information congestion.

Andrew Heath - "Traffic Management Approach to Super Bowl LIII"

Georgia Transportation Institute welcomed State Traffic Engineer Andrew Heath to speak as part of the Transportation Speaker Series. The presentation provided a discussion and details to the approach taken by the Georgia Department of Transportation, City of Atlanta, Atlanta Police, the Super Host Committee, the NFL, and other stakeholders in managing traffic throughout the 10-day super bowl event.

Approved Fall 2018 RTAG RNS submittals

The Georgia Department of Transportation has released the list of projects selected from the Fall 2018 RTAG submittals. Congratulations to the selected projects! Thanks to everyone who submitted a Research Needs Statement (RNS). The research community was highly engaged, with approximately 73 submitted needs statements.  GDOT research staff is currently contacting the project PIs and setting up the next steps in the process.


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