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Shaw named International Road Federation fellow

First-year Ph.D. student Atiyya Shaw has won support for her studies from the International Road Federation as a class of 2016 fellow.

AJC: GT's Hunter says driverless cars present opportunity, challenges

Imagine sharing the highway with cars driven by computers rather than people.

Google is rather famously experimenting with such self-driving vehicles. And a Georgia General Assembly study committee is weighing the issues around allowing these driverless cars on the state’s roads.

VIDEO: Driverless cars in Georgia? GT's Dr. Mike Hunter Informs Lawmakers About Sticky Issues Ahead

A Georgia House of Representatives committee is studying what hurdles the state would face if it allowed driverless cars on roadways. Associate Professor Michael Hunter was a key witness at a hearing last week, outlining some of the engineering and traffic problems that will have to be solved if lawmakers decide to allow the autonomous vehicles.


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