Approved Fall 2018 RTAG RNS submittals

The Georgia Department of Transportation has released the list of projects selected from the Fall 2018 RTAG submittals. Congratulations to the selected projects! Thanks to everyone who submitted a Research Needs Statement (RNS). The research community was highly engaged, with approximately 73 submitted needs statements.  GDOT research staff is currently contacting the project PIs and setting up the next steps in the process.

The opening of the Fall 2019 RTAG RNS call will be announced later this year.  Announcements will be distributed through the GTI mailing list and GTI website.   

Please feel free to contact David Jared ( if you have any questions regarding the project selection process or Michael Hunter ( if you have any questions regarding GTI.


Project Title (Abbreviated)

Research Team


Improved Disaster Management through Automated Damage Assessment Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Ga. Southern


Phase II Long-Term Bridge Asset Valuation and Performance Forecasting Using Element-Based Inspection Data



Sustainable Waste Management through the Beneficial Use of Dredge Materials in Partnership with the City of Savannah

Ga. Southern


Phase II:  Investigation and Guidelines for Best Practices of Mass Concrete Construction Management

Ga. Tech


Phase 2:  Enhancement and Restoration Interventions for Bird-Long Island Shoreline Alternatives:  Design and Modeling for Stewardship



LRFD Procedure for Driven Piles with Pre-Drilling on Rock

Ga. Southern


Investigation and Guideline for Drilled Shaft Excavation Inspections



GDOT360:  A 360 Immersive Virtual Platform to Visualize Current and Future GDOT Projects

Ga. Tech/Univ. of Florida


Entrusted Engineer-in-Charge:  A New Critical Position in the Design-Build Team to Enhance the State of Practice in Engineering Design Decision-Making in the Innovative Project Delivery Environment

Ga. Tech


Flash Tracking Implementation Guidelines Complementing Existing Design Build Manual

Ga. Tech/Va. Tech


Safety and Illumination of Rural and Suburban Roundabouts (Phase II)

Ga. Tech/Ga. Southern


Cognitive Attention and Traffic Crashes:  A Study of Countermeasures in Two Intersections and One Roadway Section

Ga. Southern/Purdue


Coordinated Anti-Congestion Control Algorithms for Diverging Diamond Interchanges

Ga. Tech/Mercer


Evaluation of Guardrail Performance in High-Risk Accident Zones on Georgia Roadways and Identification of Alternative Barriers

Ga. Tech

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