Approved Fall 2019 RTAG RNS submittals

The Georgia Department of Transportation has released the list of projects selected from the Fall 2019 RTAG submittals. Congratulations to the selected projects! Thanks to everyone who submitted a Research Needs Statement (RNS). The research community was highly engaged, with approximately 89 submitted needs statements.  GDOT research staff is currently contacting the project PIs and setting up the next steps in the process.

The opening of the Fall 2020 RTAG RNS call will be announced later this year.  Announcements will be distributed through the GTI mailing list and GTI website.   

Please feel free to contact Supriya Kamatkar ( if you have any questions regarding the project selection process or Michael Hunter ( if you have any questions regarding GTI.


Project Title (Abbreviated)

Research Team


Development of Drone-Assisted Highway Mowing Operations Planning, Monitoring, and Verification Capabilities

Georgia Institute of Technology


Development of Drone-Assisted Pavement Profile Mapping: Near-Surface Void Detection Application

Georgia Institute of Technology


Towards the Implementation of a Geotechnical Asset Management Program in the State of Georgia

Georgia Institute of Technology


Incorporating Resilience Considerations in Transportation Planning, TSMO and Asset Management

Georgia Institute of Technology


Community-Augmented Rapid-response to Events (CARE) Integrated Crisis Communication System

Georgia Institute of Technology


Guidelines for Incorporation of Cement Stabilized Reclaimed Base (CSRB) in Pavement Design

Kennesaw State University


Recommendations for Nondestructive Testing (NDT) of Concrete Components for Performance-Based Specifications

Georgia Institute of Technology


Development of Training Modules to Increase Usage and Understanding of Agency-Wide Software Programs

University of Georgia and Georgia Institute of Technology


Enhancing the Accuracy of Construction Cost Estimates for Major Lump Sum (LS) Pay Items and Generating a More-Accurate List of Pay Items Throughout the Design Development Process

Georgia Institute of Technology


Recommendations for Extension in Service Life of ASR-Affected Concrete

Georgia Institute of Technology


Recommendations for Future Specifications to Ensure Durable Next Generation Concrete

Georgia Institute of Technology


Tacit Knowledge Model to Support Knowledge Capture and Transfer in GDOT

Kennesaw State University


A Forecast of State Motor Fuel Revenues: The Effect of New Technologies and the State Vehicle Fleet Mix on Georgia Motor Fuel Receipts

Georgia State University

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