GTI Online Expo - Design & Construction

Transportation Design & Construction: integrating new and existing practice for the layout and building of new transportation infrastructure or updates to existing systems.

Enhancing and Generating GDOT’s MUTCD Curve Sign Placement Design with Curve Finder and Curve Sign Determination

Recommendations for Future Specifications to Ensure Durable Next Generation of Concrete

Towards the Implementation of a Geotechnical Asset Management Program in the State of Georgia

Strategies and Resources for Strengthening the Implementation of the Construction Quality Acceptance Firm (CQAF) Model in the Innovative Project Delivery Environment

State and DOT Level Administration of Land Ownership Issues

Cognitive Attention and Its Application in Countermeasures on a Curve Section


Current Status of Design and Construction of Piles with a Pilot Hole

Phase II - Investigation and Guidelines for Best Practices of Mass Concrete Construction Management

Estimating ROW Acquisition Project Timelines for Major Projects based on Analyzing ROW Acquisition Processes: Phase I

Vissim Simulation Guidance

Evaluation of Factors Influencing Roundabout Performance

Developing a New Cash Flow Expenditures Model Considering the Flexibilities Offered by the Design-Build- Finance (DBF) and Public-Private Partnership (P3) Project Delivery Methods

Highway Stormwater Runoff On-Site Treatment Using Bioslope with New Media of Mixture of Biochar and Topsoil.

Updated HMA Layer Coefficients from FWD Backcalculation

Impact of Construction Loads on Steel Diaphragm Bridge Design

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