GTI Online Expo - Infrastructure Systems

Transportation Infrastructure Systems: is the use of road and telecommunications infrastructure to communicate between vehicles, users, and operators to improve the safety, vehicle and road efficiency, as well as adequately manage traffic flow within the road network.

Recommendations for Future Specifications to Ensure Durable Next Generation of Concrete

Nondestructive Testing (NDT) of Concrete Components for Performance-Based Specifications

[20-10] Development of Drone-Assisted Pavement Profile Mapping: Near-Surface Void Detection Application.

Assessing the Applicability of Open-format Video in Pavement Condition Data Quality Control Procedures

Use of Ground Penetrating Radar Technology to Assess and Monitor Pavement Structural Conditions for Improved Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation Strategies

Alternative Roadside Barrier Type for High-Risk Highway Sections

Phase II - Investigation and Guidelines for Best Practices of Mass Concrete Construction Management

Wireless Sensing and Bridge Weigh-In-Motion

Derivation of Truck Traffic Classification Groups from Cluster Analysis of Weigh-in-Motion Data

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