Intelligent Transportation Systems Professional Capacity Building Program's T3 Webinar


From the RITA website:

'The transit industry is in the midst of a revolution from being data poor to data rich.' As a result, the need is greater for better management and policies to handle the newfound wealth. As transit agencies continue to address increasing service demands and decreasing budgets, maximizing technology and data investments through open data policies is necessary to retain and attract customers. Webinar participants will be introduced to the opportunities that open data provide and the challenges to overcoming technology and implementation strategies. This session will also focus on the legalities of open data in transit, including copyright laws, licensing, political and legal barriers, customer perceptions, confidentiality, governance, and economic development. Attendees should expect to learn about the benefits of open data policies and how transit agencies have successfully partnered with private entities to produce more real-time schedule information through the use and sharing of data. This informative webinar will serve as a foundation for developing transit agencies' guidelines to share schedule and real-time data. This session will highlight the experiences of several transit agencies that have had long histories of producing and sharing real-time and scheduled data for customers and private sector third party developers.

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Date and time: 
Friday, August 1, 2014 - 21:45
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