Poster 20-02

Assessing the Applicability of Open-format Video in Pavement Condition Data Quality Control Procedures

PI: James (Yichang) Tsai


Institution(s): Georgia Institute of Technology


Data-driven pavement quality management, including QA and QC procedures, is mandated by HPMS and required for the GDOT. Unfortunately, the previous lack of an open format for pavement condition data made this difficult. The newly-developed standard specification of ?2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional (2D/3D) Pavement Image Data File Format? is an open-format 2D/3D pavement data standard that could potentially be used by GDOT to independently validate pavement condition data quality. Thus, the objectives of this project are 1) to assess the feasibility of using this open-format standard in support of GDOT?s independent validation of the quality of the pavement condition data, and 2) to recommend the work for implementing this open-format data standard. The test outcomes from the pixel-by-pixel range data comparison show the conversion steps are lossless for different pavement surface types and different pavement conditions, and so it is feasible to convert 3D data into the open-format standard data in support of GDOT?s pavement data quality control.

Please comment below with any statements or questions you may have. Also let GTI if you would be interested webinars or presentations on similar topics.

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