Working with GDOT - Project Development Process

Project Development Process

Many investigators associated with the Georgia Transportation Institute (GTI) perform research studies sponsored by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT).

At Georgia Tech, these studies are performed under Task Orders in accordance with a Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) between the Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC) and GDOT. Click here to access the BOA. Please note that this document pertains only to sponsored research at Georgia Tech. If you are with a different university, please contact GDOT.

In 2008, GDOT initiated Research Technical Advisory Groups (RTAG's) to develop and approve needs statements to proceed to proposals and contracts. There are four RTAG's, all of which are directly aligned with GDOT's strategic goals: (1) Asset Management; (2) Mobility; (3) Policy/Workforce; and (4) Safety.

The RTAG’s also determine the course of action for either a research topic or needs statement for further development as a research project, through the following venues, in the following order of consideration:

To view the Research Advisory Committee and Research Technical Advisory Groups Powerpoint, click here.

GTI and GDOT have prepared guidelines for (1) research needs statements, (2) proposal preparation, (3) project management, and (4) project reporting requirements to facilitate communication between GTI Principal Investigators or between GTI Principal Investigators and GDOT. To view the guidelines, click here.

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