Detection of Vehicle Occupants for HOV Lane Monitoring

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With continued interest in the efficient use of roadways the ability to monitor the use of HOV/HOT lanes is essential for management, planning and operation. A system to reliably monitor these lanes on a continuous basis and provide usage statistics would be very helpful in supporting management operations and decision making. In this study we evaluated the potential of an imaging system that would be installed on the median wall of HOV/HOT lanes to acquire data on the vehicles using the lanes and the occupancy of these vehicles. A lab prototype consisting of an IR illuminator, a camera, vehicle trigger, a computer and software to control the system was integrated and evaluated. Data was taken at GTRI facilities, sites on the Georgia Tech campus and also on Interstate 85. The images taken were then analyzed for their ability to provide the information needed on the usage of the lanes. The results indicate that it would be possible to build a system that would be able to provide the data needed to support the operation of HOV/HOT lanes. 


Detection of Vehicle Occupants for HOV Lane Monitoring (September 2013)


  1. "Sensing System Development for HOV/HOT (High Occupancy Vehicle) Lane Monitoring", project final report, February 2011.
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Georgia Institute of Technology
Asset Management

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