Efficacy of Road Underpasses for Minimizing Bear-vehicle Collisions on the 4-lane Section of Georgia Highway 96 (Phase I)

Project Number: 
Project Description: 

The objectives of this research project are to:

  1. Monitor movements of bear at possible crossing/underpass locations on the SR 96 widening project (Houston/Twiggs Co.), and to
  2. Provide a prioritized list of underpass locations & fencing options with the best potential for reducing bear-vehicle collisions, the least impact to bear habitat, and the lowest cost.


  1. Efficacy of Road Underpasses for Minimizing Bear-Vehicle Collisions on the 4-Lane Section of Georgia 96, Phase 1 (September 2013)
Principle Investigator(s) Contact Information: 
University of Georgia
Start and End Dates: 
03/02/12 - 03/01/16

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