Estimated Impact of GDOT's Highway Expenditures on Employment, Income, and Total Value Added in Highway Districts, Local Areas, and the State of Georgia: 2009-2013

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Well-designed transportation investments have many short-term and long-term economic benefits. They can spur economic growth, create jobs, boost labor productivity and profitability, increase efficiency and accelerate local and regional economic development. Given the anemic job growth in the US economy today, and the growing fiscal constraints imposed on public agencies, policy makers and stakeholders are increasingly demanding that impacts of infrastructure investments be quantified. This would allow scarce resources to be allocated more efficiently and effectively. 

This study measures the impact of GDOT’s highway expenditures on economic activity in the State of Georgia. The study examines impacts at three levels (1) Statewide impacts; (2) Impacts within GDOT Highway Districts; and (3) County impacts. The timeframe of the analysis is January 2009 through May 2013. During this period, GDOT spent $3.6 billion on highway projects. Each project expenditure had a ripple effect on economic activity in local areas.


  1. Economic Development and Workforce Impacts of State DOT Highweay Expenditures: 2009-2013 (September 2015)
  2. Estimated Impact of GDOT’s Highway Expenditures on Employment, Income and Total Value Added in Highway Districts, Local Areas and the State of Georgia: 2009 – 2013 (September 2013)
Georgia Institute of Technology

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