Evidence-Based Design Applications in Transportation Asset Management

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The purpose of this research is to develop an evidence-based planning tool and database that will help agencies to strategically plan the development of their asset management programs using accumulated experience to achieve higher-performance output. Specifically, the research will: (1) Conduct a literature review to determine best practices in evidence-based design, planning and programming that can be applied to Transportation. It will also draw from existing key literature on performance management; (2) Work with AASHTO, TRB and other relevant professional organizations to determine and refine key performance indicators for tracking asset management program performance; (3) Design and conduct multiple case studies to collect best practices and lessons learned in asset management program development (both network-level and project-level asset management); (4) Develop procedures to evaluate program maturity levels against performance as indicated by key performance indicators; and (5) Develop prototype evidence-based database and planning tool for performance –based planning of asset management program development.



  1. Evidence-Based Transportation Asset Management (EB-TAM) (September 2013)


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  1. August 2012
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School of Civil & Environmental Engineering, 788 Atlantic Drive
Georgia Institute of Technology
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08/19/12 - 02/28/14
Asset Management

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