Improving Transportation Safety using Vehicular Networking Technology

Project Number: 
RP 13-02
Project Description: 

The objective of this project is to design, implement and test an emergency message system using multi-hop vehicular communications among vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists.


  1. Improved 5.9GHz V2V Short Range Path Loss Model (September 2015) 
  2. Message-Decoupled Collision Avoidance in V2V (September 2014)
  3. Performance Optimization of a Contention Based Broadcasting Algorithm in VANETs (September 2015)
  4. Predicting Car Collisions Using RSSI (September 2015)
Principle Investigator(s) Contact Information:
Kennesaw State University
Start and End Dates: 
03/27/13 - 03/27/16

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