Micro-Simulation Based Framework for Freeway Travel Time Forecasting Summary

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Real-time traffic information provided by GDOT has proven invaluable for commuters in the Georgia freeway network. The increasing number of Variable Message Signs, addition of services such as My-NaviGAtor, NaviGAtor-to-go etc. and the advancement of the 511 traffic information system will require the Traffic Management Center to provide more detailed and accurate traffic information to an increasing number of users. In this context, the ability to forecast traffic conditions (both in space and time) would augment the services provided by NaviGAtor by allowing users to plan ahead for their trip. Forecasts built into the estimation model will make the travel-time estimates more accurate by reducing the use of stale data. Additionally, spatial forecast can help GDOT provide reliable information in areas with temporary outages in coverage; e.g. outages due to detector or cameras malfunction.


  1. Micro-Simulation Based Framework for Freeway Travel-Time Forecasting (September 2013)
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angshuman.guin@gatech.edu, jorge.laval@ce.gatech.edu
Georgia Institute of Technology
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