Real-Time Transit Passenger Information

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As the transportation sector fully integrates information technology, transit agencies face decisions that expose them to new technologies, relationships and risks. Accompanying a rise in transit-related web and mobile applications, a set of competing real-time transit data standards from both public and private organizations have emerged. The purpose of this research is to understand the standard-setting processes for these data standards and the forces that move the transit industry towards the widespread adoption of a data standard. This project will analyze through case studies and interviews with members of standard-setting organizations the development of three real-time transit data standards: (1) the development of the General Transit Feed Specification Realtime (GTFS-realtime), (2) the Service Interface for Real Time Information (SIRI), and (3) Transit Communications Interface Profiles (TCIP). The expected outcome of this research is an assessment of federal policy on standards development as well as an analysis of current and future trends in this sector—both technical and institutional. The results will inform federal transit policy and future action in standards-setting and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) requirements, identifying the potential catalysts that will increase the effectiveness of federal- and agency-level programs.


  1. Real-time Transit Passenger Information: A Case Study in Standards Development (September 2013)
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Georgia Institute of Technology

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