Transportation Asset Management: Organizational Performance and Risk Review, Phase 1

Project Number: 
Project Description: 

To use asset/performance management principles to (1) develop studies & apply scenario analysis to assess the extent to which GDOT is on target to achieve strategic goals, (2) identify prevailing risk factors that could hinder goal achievement, and (3) recommend how to best manage them.


  1. Risk-based Corridor Asset Management: Applying Multi-Attribute Utility Theory to Manage Multiple Assets (September 2013)
  2. Performance Management at State DOTs: Interactive Self-Diagnostic Tool (September 2013)
Principle Investigator(s) Contact Information: 
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering Transportation Systems Group 790 Atlantic Drive Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA 30332-0355 USA / / (404) 894-0404
Georgia Institute of Technology
Start and End Dates: 
05/23/11 - 11/23/12
Asset Management

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