Using Crowdsourcing to Prioritize Bicycle Route Network Improvement

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One of the main reasons citizens do not bicycle in communities is due to the lack of perceived sufficient and safe bicycle network infrastructure (e.g. bicycle lanes, sharrows, shared lanes, etc.). Therefore, defining where the bicycle route network should be located and what types of facilities should be developed in each location is of utmost importance. As such, this research seeks to develop performance measures for prioritizing bicycle route network link improvements. These performance measures can be used to characterize and rank every link within the bicycle network to determine the links that would benefit the most users should they be improved or built. An important aspect of this project will be to develop practical measures that engineers and planners at any level would be able to implement. To assist with this effort, city engineers from Auburn, AL and Atlanta, GA have agreed to review and provide feedback on the performance measures generated in this project. This work will consider both urban (Atlanta) and suburban (Auburn) areas to ensure that these performance measures are transferable between locations.

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Georgia Institute of Technology
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09/01/13 - 02/01/15

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