CEE's Sidewalk Inventory Team Recognized by Local Group

Congratulations go out to Dr. Randall Guensler and his research team whose Sidewalk Quality and Safety Assessment  was recognized by the Atlanta-based Pedestrians Educating Drivers for Safety (PEDS) on October 29 during the group’s annual Golden Shoe Awards.

                      Dr. Randall Guensler                                                                        Alexandra Frackelton                                                                 Alice Grossman

Funded by STRIDE (Southeastern Transportation Research, Innovation, Development and Education Center) and GDOT(Georgia Department of Transportation), the sidewalk project is producing a precedent-setting database of sidewalk condition information that the Atlanta Department of Public Works (DPW) officials will be able to use to evaluate and prioritize repairs in a city that boasts 2,100 miles of sidewalks.

Recognized during the evening reception were Guensler and two graduate students, Alexandra Frackelton and Alice Grossman, who have worked together on the $400,000 project. This is not the first award that the team has garnered for its work; in September, the Colorado-based Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professions (APBP) recognized Frackelton and Grossman with a Ken Cross Scholarship for a poster the duo produced on the same project.

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