RNS Development Resources

Each year the Georgia Department of Transportation calls for Research Needs Statements (RNS).

Developing an effective Research Need Statement (RNS) is critical to successfully undertaking research with GDOT. An RNS is the basic means of initiating a GDOT research project and is required for all research supported through the core GDOT research program. An RNS also represents the basic means of communicating a research need to GDOT technical staff, decision-makers, and sponsoring offices and should be written with all these groups in mind. An RNS must contain clear statements of need, approach, benefits, and implementation potential. Potential submitters are highly encouraged to review RNS guidelines and relevant other documents on the GTI website before submission.

Below is a list of downloadable resources and media for Principal Investigators (PIs) conducting research supported by GTI. Researchers are strongly advised to review these documents. All downloadable resources are .docx documents unless otherwise noted.

RNS Resources


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