GDOT and Georgia Tech: A Strategic Research Partnership

The headquarters of the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is situated mere blocks from a top research institution, the Georgia Institute of Technology. But there's more to the connection between GDOT and Georgia Tech than close proximity. 

Since GDOT came into existence in 1972, it has continually worked to better the state's roadways and transportation systems. Its robust research program supports transportation research conducted at universities across Georgia. GDOT has sponsored over 100 research proejcts at Georgia Tech, spanning a wide variety of subdisciplines within the transportation industry.

WABE 90.1 FM recently spotlighted the collaboration of Georgia Tech professor Wayne Daley, Jonathan Holmes of the Georgia Tech Research Institute, and David Jared, of GDOT, in producing a revolutionary road-repairing robot. 

The instrument, known as Roadbot, has taken over 10 years to develop, and these efforts have culminated in the creation of a prototype bot, capable of sensing a crack, photographing it, and computing how to apply asphalt to repair the crack. Fully automated, Roadbot is capable of repairing cracks at five times the speed of conventional manual repairwork. 

Roadbot works its magic on a section of highway (Jonathan Holmes, GTRI)

To read more on the project and WABE's article, click here.

A full listing of GDOT-sponsored projects may be found here, with projects ranging from Dr. Randall Guensler's "Effective Capacity Analysis and Traffic Data Collection for the I-85 HOV to HOT Conversion", to Dr. Adjo Amekudzi Kennedy's "Evidence-Based Design Applications in Transportation Asset Management". 

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