University Transportation Centers (UTC) Conference for the Southeastern Region


University Transportation Centers (UTC) Conference for the Southeastern Region was the first event of its kind, aiming to bring together faculty, students, practitioners, and public agencies in the Southeast, disseminate information about ongoing activities at all partner universities, and further enhance collaboration among the academic community as well as the private and public sector agencies in the region.  Faculty, staff and graduate students, as well as federal and state agency representatives, MPOs, transit managers, and consultants in the region and around the country were invited to attend and participate in this conference which we hope will evolve into an annual event. 



Dr. Yang Wang - Next-Generation Wireless Bridge Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) System Incorporated with Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) Capability for Transportation Infrastructure Safety

Dr. Amr Oloufa - Automated Capture of Freight Origin/Destination Data using License Plate Readers

Dr. Nasim Uddin - Impact of Doubling Heavy Vehicles on Bridges

Stephanie Amoaning-Yankson - Disasters and Linear Infrastructure Management

Xia Jin, Albert Gan, and Md Sakoat Hossan - Traffic Management Centers: Challenges, Best Practices, and Future Plan

Vivek Ghosal and Frank Southworth - Location of Automobile Manufacturing Plants, Development of Supply-Chains, and the Effects on Economic Development and Demand for Transportation

Catherine L. Ross, David Jung-Hwi Lee, Subhrajit Guhathakurta, and Sarah M. Smith - Georgia SPLOST Database and Clearinghouse for Transportation Finance

Virginia Sisiopiku, Albert Gan, Andrew Sullivan, and Despina Stavrinos - Impacts of Digital Advertising Billboards on Traffic Safety

Berrin Tansel, Xia Jin, and Adjo Amekudzi - Reducing Service Interruption in Linear Infrastructure Systems by Synchronizing Schedules for Selected Maintenance Activities

Arindam Gan Chowdhury - Full-Scale Wall of Wind Testing of Variable Message Signs (VMS) Structures to Develop Drag Coefficient for AASHTO Supports Specifications

Md Sakoat Hossan - Developing Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Framework

Kia Mostaan - Opportunities and Challenges for Expediting Delivery of Transportation Design Build Projects

Mohammad Ilbeigi - Development of Risk Management Strategies for State DOTs to Effectively Deal with Volatile Prices of Transportation Construction Materials

Candace Brakewood - An Experiment Evaluating the Impacts of Real-Time Transit Information on Bus Riders in Tampa, Florida

Hyung Woong Cho - Comparative Analysis of Dynamic Pricing Strategies for Managed Lanes

Kathryn Colberg - Real-Time Work Zone Travel Time

Aaron Greenwood - Effect of Roadside Environment on Diverge Identification in Work Zones

Daniel Hester and Aref Motamedi Lamouki - Digital Advertising Billboards and Driver Distraction

Amy Ingles and Stephanie Brodie - Sustainability Evaluation of Transportation Systems and Neighborhood-Level Developments

Prabha (Popa) Pratyaksa - Safety Performance Evaluation of Converging Chevron Pavement Markings

Landon Reed - Transit Data Standards: Informing Federal Policy and ITS Requirements

Laura Schmitt - Calibration of the HCM 2010 Single-lane Roundabout Capacity Equations for Georgia Conditions

James Wong - Are TMC's Ready to Buy Traffic Data? A Survey of TMC Managers on Third-Party GPS Data

The conference was organized jointly by the four UTCs located in Federal Region 4 (southeast): The Southeastern Transportation, Research Innovation, Development and Education Center (STRIDE), the National Center for Intermodal Transportation for Economic Competitiveness (NCITEC), the National Center for Transportation Systems Productivity and Management (NCTSPM), and the National Center for Transit Research (NCTR). The following universities are consortium members in one or more of those four centers:  Auburn University, Florida International University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Transportation Institute, Hampton University, Louisiana State University, Mississippi State University, North Carolina State University, North Dakota State University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Central Florida, University of Denver, University of Florida, University of Illinois, University of Mississippi, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and University of South Florida.

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Date and time: 
Monday, April 15, 2013 - 09:30
Event Type: 
Symposia & Conferences

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