Working with GDOT - Steps to Proposal Preparation

Steps to Proposal Preparation


  1. Proposal Process
  2. Proposal Preparation
  3. GDOT Acceptance of Proposal

1. Proposal Process
The following processes are typical of how research ideas are matched with GDOT's research needs leading to the preparation of a proposal.

GDOT Solicitation
GDOT may solicit GTI administration by sending a GDOT research needs statement (RNS) developed within GDOT and approved by an RTAG. The GDOT solicitation is a request for identification and contact information of interested GTI researchers to be provided by GTI administration. The GTI researcher may respond through the GTI administration to a GDOT solicitation per the directives within it.

GDOT would typically contact all interested GTI researchers for a pre-proposal meeting with GDOT personnel, including the RTAG-identified Technical/Implementation (TI) Manager and the RTAG Secretary/GDOT Research Engineer. This meeting is to scope the objectives, work plan, deliverables, and implementation plan for the project and subsequent draft proposal development.

Each GTI researcher at the end of the meeting would be invited to directly submit to GDOT a separate proposal for GDOT review. The proposal would be developed per GDOT guidelines posted on this website. GDOT would notify the GTI researcher and GTI administration of selection of the desired proposal and any desired changes. GDOT would also notify other GTI researchers that a selection had been made. GDOT would then proceed to contract.


GTI Unsolicited Research Topic or Needs Statement
GDOT accepts unsolicited research topics or needs statements from in-state universities or colleges. A GTI researcher may submit an unsolicited research topic or needs statement using the Research Needs Statement Repository website: RNS .

Click here to view the guidelines for writing a research needs statement. An unsolicited topic would normally be limited to a paragraph and cover the perceived problem or need and the approach to addressing the need. A topic, in lieu of an RNS, may be considered to establish GDOT's interest in the subject research area. The unsolicited Topic, if supported by a GDOT office, would be developed into a Needs Statement by the submitter together with the GDOT.

An unsolicited RNS should be prepared according to GDOT guidelines posted on this website.

GDOT R&D will forward the submittal of any unsolicited topic or RNS to the appropriate GDOT office for review and expression of interest, and will notify the submitter of the GDOT office's decision after approval by the appropriate RTAG.


2. Proposal Preparation
The GTI researcher, after GDOT notification of RTAG approval of a GTI RNS, prepares a full proposal according to GDOT requirements detailed in the Guidelines for Proposal Preparation posted on this website.

The proposal should be routed through the investigator's home unit (e.g., CEE, ATAS, etc.) with a courtesy copy to GTI. Georgia Tech investigators should note that tuition remission is waived on all GDOT projects.


3. GDOT Acceptance of Proposal
The proposal is reviewed by the appropriate GDOT office and, as applicable, any changes noted by the GDOT office are incorporated into the final proposal. A Task Order is issued by GDOT to begin the research project.

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